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Administrative Applications

Administrative applications are applications brought to various Tribunals to review the decision, conduct or ability of a person. There are various Tribunal given various powers by their founding act:

State Administrative Tribunal (SAT):

Has wide ranging powers from the review of decisions of administrative bodies like Shires, sports organisations, clubs and decision makers.  It also amongst many other functions deals with terms of Retail Tenancies to applications for guardianship and administration and other orders touching on the competence of persons;

Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT):

Reviews decisions concerning the granting or not of refugee status;

Migration Review Tribunal (MRT):

Reviews decisions concerning the granting or not of migrant status and visa;

Builders Dispute Tribunal:

Reviews disputes flowing from contract or works done by registered builder;

Australian Administrative Tribunal (AAT):

Review of aspects falling under federal legislation or by federal bodies;

Various other specialist Tribunals for example sports disciplinary tribunals.


Administrative law is further relevant before it reaches the Tribunal stage in day to day decision making by various bodies for example:

Shire Building or breach applications or objecting to an application that is before a Shire committee;

A disciplinary enquiry at work or club where you are entitled to representation;


Multiple other scenarios where someone must make a decision which may affect you.

We can assist with initial advice as well as at the initial level or Tribunal level.


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