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Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land (property) from one person or entity to another.

A typical conveyancing transaction consists of three stages:

  • before contract
  • before completion
  • after completion
What is a conveyancer?

A conveyancer  is a licensed and qualified professional whose job it is to provide advice and information about the sale of a property, prepare the documentation and conduct the settlement process.

Conveyancers don’t necessarily have to be lawyers but solicitors often undertake this work.

The most common reasons you would engage a conveyancer is when you are:

  • buying or selling a property
  • subdividing land
  • updating a title (i.e. registering a death)
  • registering, changing or removing an easement
What a conveyancer does

For the buyer – a conveyancer will:

  • Prepare, clarify and lodge legal documents – e.g. contract of sale, memorandum of transfer
  • Research the property and its certificate of title – check for easements, type of title and any other information that needs addressing
  • Put the deposit money in a trust account
  • Calculate the adjustment of rates and taxes
  • Settle the property – act on your behalf, advise you when the property is settled, contact your bank or financial institution on when final payments are being made
  • Represent your interest with a vendor or their agent

For the seller – a conveyance will:

  • Complete and ensure the legal documents are all sorted
  • Represent you and respond to requests from the buyer – for example, request to extend dates, title questions, etc

Property Development

Whether it be land subdivision, duplex,  industrial units, or a combination our breadth of knowledge will ensure we can guide you from the purchase of the land to the sale of the completed product.

Property Settlement

Property settlement refers to the process of transferring a property from a seller to a buyer, when the conditions of the standard contract for the sale are fulfilled.  In most instances before a property settlement can occur, both the buyer and the seller must have signed a contract of sale.  In Western Australia, the standard residential sales contract has two sections:
  • Contract for Sale of Land or Strata Title by Offer and Acceptance (Offer and Acceptance); and
  • Joint Form of General Conditions for the Sale of Land (General Conditions).
The signatures of the seller and the buyer on the Offer and Acceptance indicate that the parties agree to the conditions of the contract, including the purchase price.



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